Four Critical Things You Should Know About Wall-Mounted ACs

Daikin_FTXS-K_packshot_hiresAir conditioning units are quite an investment and not every homeowner can afford one. This is especially true of central ACs which can run into thousands of dollars. If you cannot afford a central AC, you may want to consider a wall-mounted AC as a cheaper yet effective option to keep either your room or any other section of your house cool. Before purchasing a wall-mounted AC, it will be to your advantage to know a couple of things.

The Size of the Hole in Your Wall

When thinking about purchasing and installing a wall-mounted AC instead of the larger central AC, it is important you consider the size of the hole where the unit will go. If you are doing a replacement, it will be more convenient and helpful for you to take the measurements of the existing opening and buy a unit that fits well with those dimensions. If the size of the unit you are buying is smaller or larger, you may have to modify the existing hole.

The Cooling Capacity

By the mere fact that you are going for a wall-mounted unit, you should appreciate that this unit doesn’t cool the entire house. However, depending on the size and model, they can be able to cool sizeable areas or rooms. For a greater cooling capacity, you should go for larger wall-mounted AC systems that have both the outside and inside units. The catch for these models is in the installation which can be a bit complex.

The cooling capacity of an AC unit is usually expressed in BTUs which is an abbreviation for British thermal Units; the higher the BTUs, the greater the cooling capacity of your unit. However, the BTUs must not be the only consideration because getting an oversized unit can prove to be costly in operation because it drains energy.

Weather Stripping

Because a wall-mounted AC unit doesn’t have much capacity, having a well done weather stripping can be helpful as it not only reduces the burden on your AC, but also helps you to save energy. Weather stripping will help you to prevent the escape of the cool air from the inside of your home as well as stopping the entry of hot air from outside.

Keeping the Unit Installed During Cold Weather

Wall-mounted AC units are flexible and you can easily dismount them when you no longer need the cool air. However, from a HVAC point of view, this is unwise. The weather stripping used during the installation of the unit will work to keep the cold air from entering the house thereby maintaining your room temperature. Just leave the unit in its position and instead ask your retailer or contractor how to weather strip wall-mounted AC units during cold weather.