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Miramar Pool Heating

Miramar Pool Heating

Miramar Air Conditioning is a credible partner in pool heating repair and maintenance services. Throughout the year, our pool heating experts are busy attending to our residential and commercial clients all over Miramar and the surrounding areas. Ever since our company was incepted, it has enjoyed unmatched growth in both asset and market share thanks to our dedicated and loyal customers with whom we have developed closer ties. Through research and development, we have managed to come up with customer-targeted solutions that optimize their needs.

We service a variety of pool heating units because all our professionals are trained and experienced in all areas of pool heating systems. Throughout the year, our clients have a guarantee that they will swim in a warm pool and whenever there is a breakdown; our experts will be there to attend to their needs.

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipments that enable us to accurately identify the problems and quickly sort them out before they become an inconvenience. We also have a competitive pricing that takes care of every client hence leaving no one outside. Through quality customer service and wallet-friendly products, we attract and retain our clients.

Our Pool Heating Services

At Miramar Air Conditioning, we give our clients a one stop shop for pool heating solutions starting from installation to scheduled maintenance services. All our services are professionally delivered.

Pool Heating Repair

In the event your pool heater does not function as expected, make a point of contacting our pool heating experts immediately. The problem could be greater than what your eyes can see hence the need for professional inspection. Staying with a faulty pool heater can be dangerous and the more you stay with it, the more it may worsen costing you lots of money in repairs. We not only offer pool heating repairs but also energy saving upgrades to help you lower your bills.Our pool heating repair service includes motor repairs which is an integral component of your pool heating system. Having your motor regularly checked gives you peace of mind because cases of emergency breakdowns will be negligible if not totally absent.

Our experts understand the latest brands of pool heating components including filters. Based on your budget and heating needs, we shall advise you on the appropriate brands to install. Miramar Air Conditioning partners with the leading brands in the industry and we carry their warranties for functional parts and equipment.

Pool Service Contracts

We offer comprehensive and affordable pool heating service contracts to meet all your repair and maintenance needs. Irrespective of the time of the year, you will enjoy warm water as our professionals service your systems on a 24/7 basis.
We therefore invite you to pay us a visit or call us for enquiries on our pool heating services as well as other HVAC services. We are here to serve you!